Writing a novel

11 Jan

So I’ve finally committed myself.  I have always wanted to write and publish a novel but, quite frankly, have not been disciplined enough to actually sit down and get started.  However, there’s nothing like a bit of pressure to make me work so I’ve started a distance learning course at the London School of Journalism to provide me with the impetus to get into the habit of writing.  I’ve completed my first lesson and am awaiting feedback from my tutor so I’ll be sure to update you on my experience with the course.

In the past, I’ll admit I was skeptical about these sorts of creative writing courses, thinking that writing should reflect the individual completely and such courses would only serve to stifle one’s creativity.  However, I do think there are certain aspects of creative writing that are beneficial to learn.  You may have the most amazing stories to tell but without an understanding of the process of writing a novel, from plot structure to narrative voice, you will find it difficult to succeed in such a competitive world.   So: expect updates galore.

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