Charity writing

23 Jan

In an attempt to expand my writing portfolio, I am now a writer for SPANA (, a charity that supports working animals of the world. Being a (relatively new) animal-lover, this fits me perfectly and some of the case studies that I’ve read about really are pretty amazing. Many animals in far-flung places are a vital source of income for families yet are subject to harsh working conditions on a daily basis.  SPANA generally works with mainly donkeys but other animals include llamas and horses.  Mistreatment, general abuse and abandonment of these working animals is usually due to i) ignorance regarding proper animal treatment, ii) lack of money and facilities, iii) lack of compassion for animals due to education ‘gaps’.  SPANA not only works to treat injured animals with vets providing specialist care from mobile clinics but they also organise education programmes in schools to build empathy and understanding for animals among children.  In addition, they offer an emergency outreach programme where they care for animals that are in countries facing natural or man-made disaster.

Writing for an organisation obviously means familiarising yourself with the tone of voice, style of prose etc.  This is imperative and allows the work to ‘blend’ in with the voice of the organisation which is a necessary skill for freelance writers.  I think I’m generally OK with this although it does require a lot of time and patience – I just have to read as much SPANA literature as I possibly can to start ‘thinking’ in the same voice.  The tone in this case is informal, simple yet professional.  It’s not patronising in any way but relays the message in a clear and unambiguous tone.

So I’ve been writing some pieces for the seasonal newsletter that’s sent out to the charity’s regular supporters.  Am looking forward to seeing the final thing 🙂

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