Short stories and narrative viewpoint deliberations…

1 Feb

I’ve been exploring the short story lately.  As writers are often notoriously broke, short story competitions are one of the ways that writers can earn a bob or two, while honing their skills and getting ideas for other projects. 

Inspired by one of my fastidiously organised colleagues, I’ve been working on creating a spreadsheet (geek alert) to document upcoming deadlines for competitions.  I’m not being overly ambitious as I’m very new to this short story m’larky and am no doubt embarrassingly bad compared to many but I’ve already submitted one in a surprising flurry of enthusiasm (which I had at work, mind you).  My short story (and I mean short, I think it was something like 1300 words) has already got me thinking about ways to improve the novel I’m working on which can only be a good thing. 

So currently I’ve started writing my novel in third person.  I’m not very used to this style of writing but I chose it because I like its subtlety and with a protagonist as introspective as mine, I didn’t want it to turn into some long rambling stream of consciousness.  However, I wrote my short story in first person and things seemed to flow far more naturally so I’m a little torn at the moment.  I’m considering experimenting this weekend rewriting what I’ve written of my novel in first-person to see if it suits me more and if things seem to be working better.


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