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6 Feb

‘Inglorious’ by Joanna Kavenna.


This is probably not a book I would have picked up myself but my tutor from LSJ advised me to read this as it deals with themes I am looking to explore in my own writing (despite the misleading trashy chic-lit cover).  She said that it would be useful to look at this, even if it tells me what I should not do in my own novel.  The story follows Rosa, a thirty-something successful arts journalist, after the sudden death of her mother and her subsequent existential questioning of life and its meaning.  It’s meant to chronicle her fall in society – her unemployment leads to feelings of isolation and detachment from her friends which is emphasised by Rosa’s introspective thoughts.

I am not really a fan of this novel.  I find the language overly descriptive, to the point of tedious.  Kavena does a very good job at portraying London life but I find some of her detailed descriptions to be superfluous and distracting from Rosa’s inner turmoil.  I think certain aspects of Rosa’s disposition seem somewhat laboured and at times, I found myself wishing that Rosa would just take action and ‘get on with it’, whatever ‘it’ means.  Rosa seems to fixate on philosophical issues which is a theme I really want to explore; however, I really don’t like the way she repeatedly discusses esoteric philosopher’s thoughts.  I felt that was a bit forced and actually made me quite annoyed with the character of Rosa, whom I felt was constantly trying to prove her intelligence and knowledge of culture.

But – all very useful ‘research’ for my own work.

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