Fashion writing

18 Feb

While my ultimate goal is to become a novelist, it is common knowledge that many writers need to work in various jobs to support their lifestyle and their passion before being able to do what they love full time.  As with most jobs, most of my past experience has required good writing skills.  While good writing requires knowledge of sentence structure, an extensive vocab etc., writing for different sectors often demands different skills.

A couple of years ago, I complemented my interest for fashion by undertaking a couple of internships in various fashion-related roles.  The first was working as a PR and Marketing intern for fashion designer, Jasper Garvida.  This provided me with such an insight into the heady and often chaotic world of fashion and I learnt a lot – namely, writing effective content for a new collection and the art of the perfect Press Release.  The whole point here is to use evocative language to connect the reader with the various textures and inspiration behind the collection.  Out came the flowery language and metaphors aplenty.  The language has to match the frivolities and extravagance of London Fashion Week, where Jasper Garvida was showcasing his collection.

I also wrote a Clothing guide for Cancer Research UK but this was extremely different.  Aimed to be user-friendly and practical, this was a guide to inform those that didn’t know too much about fashion so language had to be simplistic and clear.

Here’s an example of my work at Jasper Garvida:


I am recently getting back into fashion blogging, after a period of utter apathy towards the industry in general.  If you are in any way interested, my fashion blog which I have been updating sporadically since I was 19 is  Of course, fashion is not to be taken too seriously and I think to live and breathe fashion is destructive but there is something completely escapist and transformational about fashion and like writing, it often acts as a source of inspiration for me.

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