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19 Jan

January is my “exams month” so revision seems to have sucked up any fun time, and I have spent the last few weeks imprisoned in my room, emerging only to scramble around in the kitchen for food (for the tenth time that day).  That inevitably leads to a mini sulk as I bemoan the fact that there’s never any chocolate or anything sugar or in general bad for me that will make me feel temporarily better.

Christmas and the festive season seems to be a bit of a blur: I was ill with a virus that left me virtually bed-bound over the holidays and the stormy weather meant that we enjoyed a lovely power cut on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  So perhaps I’m a little behind in saying this, and I know everyone has already, but I can’t quite believe we’re in 2014.  On the whole, I think 2013 was a good year and I’m pretty excited to start a new year – I know a lot of it is pseudo-psychological rubbish and if you really want to, you can set yourself goals any time of the year, but there is something nice about starting a new year with a renewed sense of motivation to better yourself.

But I can’t really embrace this ‘new start’ as I become a monster when I’m revising so maybe I’ll delay the new, better, shinier Jade to emerge at a more convenient time. In the meantime, I’ll continue to procrastinate to the point of ridiculousness; the other day, I spent a good hour online watching old 90’s music videos on YouTube and searching for places to buy retro sweets,  probably because I was wishing I could be transported back to my childhood.  And while I’m not the tidiest person at the best of times, my room currently resembles a hovel in which I spend most of my time drowning in sheets of paper with illegible handwriting.

I have tried my best to hermit crabembrace the life of a hermit for the last few weeks, which I feel I have adapted to worryingly easily, although I am aware that my sanity is slowly dripping away.


Just have to get to the end of this week.  Then onto one of my more fun resolutions (the first was to pass my exams…) which is to complete a short story I’m currently working on, and read something other than boring textbooks and notes on Powerpoint slides – how I have missed the allure of fiction.