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Post-holiday blues

21 Apr

I just came back from a packed, fun-filled trip to stay with my best friend in Sri Lanka so I am curled up like a hermit, readjusting to being back in the UK without another sunny holiday to look forward to for a while.

I have been a bit behind with my reading and writing.  I don’t know why exactly that is other than I’ve been feeling rather uninspired lately which is something I need to sort out pronto.  How is it nearing the end of April?  I’m having one of those ‘Christ, it’s nearly May, what have I done with my year?’ moments so no doubt I’ll fill my diary with lots of ‘educational’ activities – i.e. frantic attempts to make me feel semi-cultured so I don’t feel like I’m completely wasting my life.

But for now – see the pretty pictures of elephants I took when I visited the elephant orphanage in Pinnawala, Sri Lanka.  I’ve always found elephants amazing before -they are probably the most emotionally sensitive animals, just look up the way they mourn and grieve for the dead – but after my visit, I love them even more if that’s even possible.  Seeing these majestic creatures up close was breathtaking, although I couldn’t help but wish they were able to roam free as nature intended, even though I know they’re probably better off in the sanctuary which houses orphans and injured elephants.